My Lotto Wins Mistakes Winners Should Avoid

The stories of lottery winners who lost it all are commonplace. If you do get lucky, here’s some tips to help you get the most from your win:

1. If it’s offered in a one-off payment or a lump sum then take the lump sum. Get the money working for you right away by investing it.

2. Get advice on taxes. Whilst in the UK the winners don’t pay tax, in the US they do – 25%! So if you are a winner in the States, factor this in to what you will do with your jackpot.

3. Don’t spend it all at once! Sounds obvious but there are many winners who have spent all their money and left none back for savings. It’s amazing how quickly that prize pool can dwindle in the hands of the wrong person.

4. Be careful who you tell. There are many stories of people who have had money or assets stolen by jealous friends or faced lawsuits by people trying to take their wealth.

5. In short, if you are one of the very few people to get lucky, treat your winnings with care and don’t jump into bad decisions!

Lotto Mistakes to Avoid

Whatever trend, style, or strategy you use, there are things to avoid. Sadly, there are several typical lottery blunders that should be avoided. Avoiding these blunders can mean a major win or trying again next time.

Ignoring Smaller Jackpots

Yes, we’re all aiming high. While the large prize is tempting, don’t overlook minor ones. Don’t focus solely on the jackpot. Also watch minor jackpots. Once the jackpot reaches a certain level, more players enter. Even if you win, you’re inclined to share it with others.

Thinking Lucky Numbers are Always Picked

Have you ever wondered why lottery jackpots are often shared by many people? Many of us stick to the same ‘lucky’ numbers. For example, we tend to stick to numbers that have special value to us. Or we’ve won before. People unconsciously choose the same numbers. Seven is popular. Others choose the opposite ‘lucky’ number, such as 13. The most prevalent numbers are 1 to 31 since they are calendar-based and most of us choose them based on birthdays and anniversaries. Given the small range of 1 to 31, it is not unexpected that lottery winnings be spread among many winners.

Be intelligent with your number choices and don’t always use’special’ numbers that represent something to you, whether you’re joining a lottery syndicate or playing on your own.

Get Lottery Syndicate Help

Lottery syndicates might boost your winning chances, as noted. You don’t have to miss any draws and can play in a group for extra numbers and possibilities. A lottery syndicate might be a big aid when playing the lottery.

Number Patterns

Many people make the mistake of picking numbers based on trends. When we mention patterns, we mean sketching shapes based on visual or numerical patterns. Patterns for choosing numbers are illogical. If you utilize this approach, you may have to share your winnings with more people.