About Mylotto Wins

My Lotto Wins was set up to provide useful information to lottery players around the world.

We are avid lottery players ourselves and we enjoy playing the National Lottery Draws in the UK as well as globally via lottery betting sites. We provide reliable information about when each draw is, the jackpots up for grabs, and the results when they come in. It is now possible to play the lottery online and for some people that is a much easier proposition than heading down to the shop each week to pick up your lines. Online has its advantages – you can save your numbers on the site you play through, you can easily make payment via your debit card or an eWallet like Paypal, and you can check back at the same site the next week to see if you won or not.

Additionally, you can also set up a direct debit to pay every week for the same numbers so that you don’t forget. In the online age, lottery games have never been easier to play. Most of the lottery sites you see also offer a range of scratchcard games too, and some even offer online slots and casino games.

My Lotto Wins is your helpful guide to everything lotto in the world right now. Bookmark our home page and read our guides on the best way to play lottery online to get the most out of the games on offer in your country.